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BRIDGE: This great sport of the mind has very ancient origin. His ancestor is the game Triupmh, very widespread and preferred at courts in the fifteenth century. Its modern form was created by XIIX century in aristocratic circles of the time where was played with the name WHIST (a game very similar to Game 5 - floor that is very widespread in our country). Only in the early twentieth century, this game was completed with very precise rules, which return this game to a genuine sport of mind and took the final name Bridge. So at the beginning of 30-ies, were created the first sports federations in the developed countries of the time as USA, France, England, Holland, Germany, Norway, Italy, Austria, Belgium, etc. In 1932 was created EBL (European Bridge League) and in 1958 was created WBF (World Bridge Federation). Starting from this year are helded regular European championships, Olympiads and World championships.
The first traces of bridge in our country we find there at 30-ies, where the aristocracy of our country did not lag behind European aristocracy. With the arrival of communist regime this game was considered a bourgeois game and was banned by the regime. By the 70-ies, bridge is secretly played in the narrow circles of intellectuals. With the advent of democracy in 90-ies the majority of practitioners of this sport migrated and only in early 2000 with the initiative of a group of intellectuals was made possible the foundation of the first Association of this sport in 2003 in Tirana. Just on those, narrow circles of intellectuals and former student generation were found the human contingent where are based our clubs in the exercise of their activity and were they the first sportsmen who took part in sporting activities of our associations. In June 2004 our association took the membership of EBL (European Bridge League) and simultaneously in the WBF (World Bridge Federation), and NOC (National Olympic Committee of Albania), and in August 2008 was recognized by the Ministry of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports as a genuine federation of sport.

In the bosom of this federation are currently functioning as a regular sports center in the form of three sport associations: Albanian Association of Bridge Game (which deals with policies and development strategies and the promotion of this sport), the Association of bridge Game of Tirana (except the district of Tirana that is responsible for activating the development of all players and bridge clubs in northern Albania) and the Association of Bridge Game of Durres that is responsible for the development and activation of all players in southern Albania). Above is the creation of the Association of Bridge Game Korce, where are a considerable number of quality athletes. In this context, besides the centers of Korca there are significant satisfaction numbers with players in Shkoder, Elbasan, Fier and Vlora, which are on the path of creating regular sport clubs.

More important fact is that near our federation is opened the bridge school, where every year comes out young players and where are selected, trained and tested the players of our representatives.

With regard to activities conducted by the Federation and our associations we inform that since the beginning of her further in the years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, are held regularly national championships and Cups of Republic in individual, pairs and teams disciplines. We recall that in our competitions are also held, with the respective cups, official tournaments on behalf of prominent figures of this sport such as Gramoz Pashko Cup (late former an active member of our Federation) Cup Petrit Radovicka (was late pioneer of modern bridge in Albania) Emin Mysliu Cup (veteran with outstanding contributions in bridge in Albania).

We inform that in all our clubs where bridge is played like sport, is played regularly throughout the year twice a week and the results are recorded in an orderly and where each player is classified by masterpoints for each game performed, according to which they are categorized each year.

With regard to international activities can say with conviction that Albania is one of the active actresses of this sport taking part in different competitions in Balkan, Europe and global. So we can mention the participation of the championship of the year K. Kapo in Turin international tournament in February 2005 with the participation of 38 countries where he was ranked 16th, the participation of our champion pair Kapo- Xhuli in an International Tournament in Milan, December 2006 where they ranked 17-th among 43 pairs. Rome International Tournament in February 2007 with the participation of 24 countries, where Kapo, placed third and E. Galanxhi-A. Xhori were ranked tenth. Then in 2007 there was a very intense year for our representatives. So, in Dobrich in Bulgaria in April with the 43 pairs from 16 countries, the pair Sh.Shehu - Q. Theodhor was listed at 11-ties and Kapo-Xhuli at 15-ties. Further, our representative participation comes in the European Championship in June in Antalya Turkey, where in the category of mixed pairs Kapo-Xhuli were placed at the 126-th place among 196 pairs from around the world and the next pair Xhuli-Xhori in the open category were placed 101-th among 216 participants. Further participation was very positive for the pair K.Kapo - Q. Theodhor to the International Festival of Croatia in September in Pola where was placed 81-th among 283 pairs from around the world, further the participation of our representative team in the II Balkan Championship of Bridge in Stara Zagora in Bulgaria. Further, our team representatives took part in the European Championship of Small Federations in November 7-9, 2007 in Monte Carlo in the attended by 16 countries. In 2008 (when we received the status of federation) we had the highest activity of this sport, team participation of all categories in the World Mind Sports Games in Beijing from 3-18 October, where our country was represented with 19 players. In this competition our open team reached a wonderful achievement, wining against the multi world champions Italy.

Regarding the statistical data, our Federation counts a total number of registered players of 243. Among them the number of women is 27, 35 players are in the junior category (under 27 years) and 31 senior category (over 60 years)

Kostandin Kapo

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