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The Other Side of Bridge
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Development of skills
For example, accomplished bridge players seem to be adept at computer programming and equity trading; computer service corporations and financial institutions sometimes advertise for bridge players.

People who play bridge well automatically gain a certain amount of respect as capable performers. It is even more common that those who fail to improve at the game will not be taken seriously by others in their profession.

Mental exercise
Just as muscles will atrophy when not used regularly, so will brain power deteriorate when not maintained with stimulation. Most people attempt to achieve this exercise in pleasant activities, such as reading novels or attacking crossword puzzles. Bridge offers an exciting way to partake in mental exercise.

Meeting people with common interests and spending time enjoyably is the single most frequently mentioned reward from playing bridge. Now that games are available on the Internet, it is becoming easier to overcome the traditional organizational obstacles.

The Other Side of Bridge 
Of course, like most activities, playing bridge can have its downside too. People can be cruel, and in some company newcomers or inexperienced players might need a thick skin (or the fortitude to look for a different group to play with). A famous playwright once expressed his opinion of partner's skills by asking when that unfortunate had learned to play. "I know it was today," the writer explained, "but what time today?"    Traditionally, the stereotypical characteristic of bridge players is their monomaniacal dedication to the game.

Our Favorite True Bridge Story

Bridge clubs rarely do any business during morning working hours, and those that open as early as lunchtime have few games going until later in the afternoon. On one particular day, a New York club had only four players, thus only one table in play, at the noontime hour. The four contestants were quite companionable and enjoyed their game. However, at one point, one of the four, a young woman, looked at her watch and announced, "I'm sorry to have to break up this very pleasant game, but I'm getting married in half an hour."


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